Clinical Career Ladder News & Updates

JUNE 2022

Changes are coming to the PNSO Clinical Career Ladder (CCL)!

Why make changes?

  • We have received clear guidance from our CNO (Kathy Baker) that we should leverage our CCL to our RN and Team objectives for retention and engagement.
  • The ANA Scope and Standards of Practice was recently revised making it necessary to assess our current behaviors grid for any needed changes.

Summary of changes:

  • Building a self-assessment readiness tool based on feedback from recent advancees (in progress)
  • Expanding mentorship education and purpose
  • Returning to live classes for applicant training
  • Expanding manager education / training
  • Switching to using Qualtrics surveys for:
    • Application process
    • Portfolio scoring
    • Manager attestation
  • Increasing to 5 Cycles per year with active evaluation for more in 2023.
    • Requires implementing a max number of applicants / cycle (25)
    • Piloting new model of panel assignment to allow for flexibility
  • Providing a template for CV for those who have never created one
  • Decreasing required Peer Reviews from 3 to 2
  • Expand Peer Review from written within 3 months of submission to written within 6 months of submission
  • Reducing eligibility requirement for being in current job profile and department from 12 months to 6 months for transfers and specific individualized hires (case by case basis, with manager approval)