2020 Key Annual Events and Meetings

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our annual event schedule; we will post revised details as they become available!


03/09 - Career Ladder Spring Cycle: Applications for Advancement due.

03/15 - Career Ladder Spring Cycle: Portfolio Submissions due by 11:59 pm.

03/19 Happy Certified Nurses Day!

04/14 - Evidence-Based Practice Symposium -
As of 3/10/20, event is postponed, new date TBD.

05/6-12 - Happy Week of the Nurse!
Thanks for over 90 nominations for Nursing Excellence Awards!

Nursing Scholarship - internal applications only
(Program details are under consideration for 2020)

06/17-21 - Happy Nursing Assistants' Week!  
(Awards Nominations coming soon)  

08/23-29 - Happy Health Unit Coordinator Week!
(Awards Nominations coming soon)  

08/30 - Career Ladder Fall Cycle: Applications for Advancement due.

09/06 - Career Ladder Fall Cycle: Portfolio Submissions due by 11:59pm.

09/15-18 - Site Visit for MagnetTM Redesignation!
Review our Magnet Documentation submission here!

2020 TBD -  Nursing Summit