Shared Governance is a shared decision making structure for nursing practice, quality improvement and professional development. It serves as a vehicle for creating and managing change and preparing for a desired future (Porter O’Grady). As professionals, nurses are responsible for the outcomes of their individual work and the shared outcomes of the organization.

The Professional Nursing Staff Organization (PNSO) provides the mechanism for the discipline of Nursing to establish, uphold, and communicate its values and standard within the University of Virginia Health System. The PNSO has adopted several core documents and texts to fulfill its guiding mission.

Each practice setting has a local Shared Governance committee and connects to regional and then central committees to ensure that the voice of the registered nurse is present in decisions about nursing practice and the practice environment.  The PNSO Nursing Cabinet is the governing body of the nursing organization and provides oversight for these committees.

Network with Nursing Colleagues!

If you're trying to network with a GROUP of colleagues on a shared interest, these groups and individuals can help you stay connected.  These Email lists are available in Outlook Global Address Book.  Please share ideas, best practices, and challenges to resolve collaboratively, whether local or house-wide!

Clinical Practice & Quality issues
- Central Clinical Practice Committee: “CL Nursing Practice Committee” 

Professional Development issues:
- Central: “CL Nursing Professional Development Committee”
- Local: “CL Nursing Educational Coordinators”
- Local: “CL Nurse Preceptor”

Research issues:
 - Central: Susan Galloway, program oversight; and Elizabeth (Claiborne) Miller-Davis, RN Research Coordinator, Nursing Research Mentorship program (UVA bedside clinicians developing nurse-driven research projects, to bring new knowledge and innovation into nursing practice)

Shared Governance generally:
- Central: for PNSO Support Office & Nursing Governance Programs; we can help direct your query!
- Central: Barb Trotter, 2021 President; & Theresa "TJ" Lovdal, 2021 President-elect
- Central: “CL Nursing Cabinet”, the highest decision making body for UVA Nursing.